Course Outline : Extreme Campus Fabric - Management

Course Overview

The Management of Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect is the goal of the course. Students will gain a detailed explanation of the fabric services and configure these in the lab. The latest automation features are covered including; auto-sense ports and self-forming fabric. And to provide an understanding of the management products that Extreme offers, students will experience on-boarding switches to both ExtremeCloud™ IQ and the campus solution ExtremeCloud IQ-SE (Site Engine). Lectures are supported equally with hands-on experience on VSPs, Universal Hardware 5520, ERS, and EXOS.
Associated Certifications Course Duration Delivery Method Manadatory PreRequisite
Extreme Campus Fabric - Management
1 Day
• Classroom Instructor-led training

• Virtual Instructor-led training
Extreme Campus Fabric - Installation and Configuration certification is a mandatory pre-requisite and must be completed before registering for Extreme Campus Fabric - Management. Student should have good grasp of SPBM concepts and overall switch management.
Who Should Attend
This course is designed for network administrators, engineers and integrators responsible for the configuration and management of the Extreme Networks Campus Fabric Connect switches
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:
  • To add/change fabric services and add devices to an existing Fabric Connect solution.
  • To utilize the new automation features including auto-sense and self-forming fabric.
  • Understand Extreme’s management solutions: ExtremeCloud IQ and the campus solution ExtremeCloud IQ-SE (Site Engine) and on-board and manage switches successfully.


Campus Fabric Services
  • Services Types
  • Uni Port Types
  • Multicast considerations
ExtremeCloud IQ Management
  • On-Boarding
  • Network Policy
  • Device Configuration
  • Supplemental CLI
Principles of Automation
  • Zero Touch Capabilities
  • Self-Forming Fabric Configuration
  • Auto-Sense Port Configuration
ExtremeCloud IQ-SE Management
  • Secure Device Management
  • Discovery and Actions
  • Onboard VSP workflow
  • Device Management

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