Course Outline : ECS - ExtremeNAC

Course Overview

ExtremeNAC is Extreme’s Secure Access Management Solution with enterprise-grade features for onboarding, authentication, and network access control (NAC). This training class covers the essentials of deploying the ExtremeNAC A3 appliance. It provides the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience that will enable you to successfully deploy, configure and maintain the ExtremeNAC solution.

A solid networking background. Working proficiency and experience with network security and an understanding of Active Directory ,RADIUS (802.1X), and Digital Certificates. Certification in ExtremeWireless Cloud – Installation and Configuration and several months experience in configuring and deploying XIQ is also required.

Course Objectives
To deploy the ExtremeNAC Cloud Network Access Control A3 appliance to build unique workflows and requirements to fit unique environments. Integrate ExtremeNAC into third party systems, implement controls and checks to help ensure compliance to regulations and policies and be able to leverage custom workflows and alarms to proactively resolve network issues.


  • What is the ExtremeNAC A3 solution?
  • Qualifying Questions
  • Product capabilities
  • Deployment Modes and Options
  • Enforcement
  • Guest Authentication and Registration
  • Radius and 802.1x
  • Active Directory Integration and Authentication
  • Self-Registration
  • Portal Modules and Modifications
  • PKI and Certificates

To get Certified