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The Extreme Sales Specialist (ESS) certification is for people who need to understand and explain the value proposition of Extreme Networks solutions to their customers. The certifications are valid for 12 months from completion.

Extreme Sales Specialist 2022

Please Note :
All prior ESS courses have been superseded by the Extreme Sales Specialist 2022 Course.

This training is going to be fun! it is going to give you everything you need to sell Extreme solutions to your customers. Get ready for a multiple game level experience and learn why it is a great time to partner with Extreme!

The most successful IT sales professionals build continuous value in their customer relationships. You’ll learn about the best key selling points that will help you win with Extreme and keep ahead of your peers. 

As you play the game, you’ll learn why our customers choose Extreme. Whether you are presenting at an event or a one-to-one sales call this training is going to help you WIN! We are going to coach you through the pitch!