Course Outline : Extreme Campus Controller ADVANCED Configuration

Course Overview

This course provides knowledge to allow the student to integrate and optimize XCC into an existing solution. The class covers how to integrate XCC and XIQ-Se to take advantage of the advanced features in XIQ-SE or other “manager of managers” systems. It also covers how to manage applications in XCC, such as Extreme Scheduler and AirDefense Base. It teaches how to leverage API’s and postman to be able to create integrated solutions and how to create custom dashboards and reports to become more proactive.
Course Duration Delivery Method Who Should Attend
1 Day
• Classroom Instructor-led training

• Virtual Instructor-led training
This course is for partners and power users
that want to be able to get the most value
out of their investment in XCC and other tools.
Mandatory Prerequisite *

Students need to have attended XCC Manage and Deploy. A knowledge of XIQ-SE will be helpful but is not required. Programming skill will also be beneficial but is not needed.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:
  • Integrate XCC with XIQ and other manager of manger tools
  • Install and manage applications into XCC
  • Create custom reports and dashboards in XCC
  • Be able to call API’s to perform functions or retrieve data from XCC


  • Lab 1: Integration with XIQ-SEApplications
  • Lab 2: Install an applicationCustom Dashboards and reports
  • Lab 3: Create a new dashboard
  • Lab 4: Create a new ReportAPI’s
  • Lab 5: API Integration User access and Integration Administration
  • Lab 6: System health fixes Advanced topologies

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