Course Outline : Ninja Challenge

Course Overview

Welcome to the Ninja Challenge. The Ninja Challenge is designed to enable our most experienced engineers to bypass the learning process of formal training and fast track to an Extreme Certified Specialist certification.
Please note that there are no instructions and no teaching for these challenges, they are based purely on your knowledge of the products and solutions.
No specific pre-requisites are required other than a day to day experience with the chosen technology. This may be work based experience or the holding of a valid ECS qualification ready for re-certification.
In order for you to demonstrate your valuable know how in your chosen Extreme Networks technology, candidates will be given a series of lab based tasks and an enhanced exam, the exam pass mark is 87%.
Here is a video where Paul Christian explains more about the Ninja Challenge and it’s advantages for experienced engineers.
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of both elements of the Ninja Challenge the candidate will be awarded a Ninja status ECS certification.


  • Ninja Challenge Lab
  • Ninja Challenge Exam
Ninja Challenges Currently Available: Extreme Management Center, Extreme Control, Campus EXOS, ExtremeWireless Core.